Defender - The noise generator!
In today’s turbulent world no one can guarantee that in the room where you are now, there’re no bugs, audio readers or recorders.
Therefore, if you are going to conduct a private conversation with someone and don’t want your conversation to become public or to be used by your enemies or competitors, it is important to carry some wiretapping protection. Namely, Defender system.
Defender — The system protecting premises from wiretapping
Defender system is a white noise generator silencing the performance of any listening devices and creates a speech-like noise inseparable at the subsequent hearing.
Defender is a system that provides secure reading protection of your premises, using standard speakers of your computer. With Defender, device in pack it’s possible to set software maskirator with additional loops of piezoelectric and electromagnetic sources, greatly increasing effectiveness of protection of your premises from wiretapping.
Defender system is always necessary when you want to be heard only by people you choose to.
What’s inside?
Defender, the white noise generator of protection of premises from reading, consists of an optional Defender USB controller and Defender software for Windows OS.
PC sound card out and standard computer speakers installed in the protected area are connected to the Real House controller. The controller itself is connected to the PC USB port.
Then Defender software is started. Now the system is ready for the operation.
How does it work?
In the user interface of Defender program you need only to choose modes of protective white noise generators. Defender’s program settings are simple and intuitive.
Now, starting the important negotiations with your partners, you simply press the «Start» button in the interface of Defender software, and the program will reliably protect your negotiations from prying ears.
Who needs a Defender white noise generator?
Among our customers there are banks and individuals, trading and manufacturing enterprises, — all who value their business and private life, and those who want to protect themselves from unpleasant surprises.
To order Defender white noise generator, contact our managers, please.
Defender is secure!
Defender system, as a rule, consists of an external hardware — Defender device connected to the USB port of the computer, and Defender Windows software designed to protect premises from reading.
The diagram shows the structure of Defender system and its main functions, as software (marked yellow in the diagram) and hardware ones (marked green):
Defender device is optional for the Defender system; it is only needed if you want better reading protection of your premises, for example, installing protective sound barrier on windows, walls or office partitions.
Defender device can control the sound barrier of any power and act as a noise generator, thus reliably protecting you from wiretapping of any area. That’s why we customize the device to your terms and conditions.
Program that protects premises from wiretapping (i.e. the noise generator) is started on your PC. Just choose the security mode and turn the protective white noise generator on.
In case of device absence, Defender program uses regular speakers of your computer to protect an area from reading. Of course, speakers used for this should be of good quality and sound all the room where negotiations are conducted.
When you activate the protective white noise generator of Defender software, protective signal is supplied to your sound system. Now you can safely carry your business negotiations on without being afraid of wiretapping. The sound masking machine will do the rest.
Ask all your questions to our support staff.

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