MidNight - new horror haunted house

The MidNight program is a new crazy entertainment that will turn your place into the halloween horror house!

The program MidNight runs on a desktop or laptop on Windows, while speakers are hidden in the room, for example, behind a curtained ceiling or curtains.

MidNight creates an illusion of being in the horror haunted house, where invisible ghosts make different sounds, run across the ceiling, shuffle, clasp with invisible doors, etc. In fact, this is a kind of halloween horror house!

This horror haunted house is great not only for indoor fun with friends, but also for a variety of leisure in tourist complexes, hotels, corporate parties, and just for your own entertainment!

Type A


  • 1 ghost is available

Type C


  • 4 ghosts are available

To begin working, please, choose any type of license!

  • Type A license – many low-priced, requires no registration, includes a basic feature set enough for an ordinary user.
  • Type B license – includes advanced algorithms, providing more flexible and efficient program operation. This license type requires registration.
  • Type C license – contains the maximum feature set enough for achieving a professional result. This license type requires registration.
The registration procedure is quite simple:
Please, copy Midnight software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. [Read more]. After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.

Advantages of Midnight


MidNight is a real horror haunted house. It is exclusive and has no analogues at the market! If you need a completely new haunted house at your place, choose MidNight. None of your friends has it!


MidNight is not expensive. You will get the halloween horror house for nothing! This is a great solution and functionality! Choosing the MidNight horror haunted house will help you to save twice!



MidNight is not picky. This horror haunted house is arranged on any Windows PC! Do you want to surprise your friends, so that they won’t understand what’s happening? Run MidNight on a gadget and hide it! It will be a real fun!



MidNight uses modern algorithms. It will create a real show for you! Due to amazing sound effects, your virtual ghosts will be inimitable and very similar to real! Set this halloween horror house and you’ll see!

Video instruction

Screenshots Midnight

Download Midnight

  • Create a new MidNight attraction! Welcome to the world of ghosts!
  • New MidNight attraction is your way to success!


Technical support will answer all your questions!
Нужна ли реклама на стенах магазина?
Like any "haunted house" type attraction.
It is not possible in the program version. You will need an extra USB device.