Have a problem?

  • Do you have any valuable information stored on computer drives?
  • And does it often remain in tempo7zy files of computers in the office network?
  • And it can be seized or stolen?
Uncontrolled circulation of commercial information in the office network is dangerous!
If this is commercial information, the damage from its leakage can be awful!

We have a solution!

To prevent leakage of important information from computers, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

Step 1

Periodically make backups of information on flash media

Step 2

Keep backups out of the reach of strangers

Step 3

Install the Terminator - erase file data program

The Terminator software was created by the certified data security specialists. A competent approach made it possible to create a program that is easy to configure and doesn’t require large computer resources.


The Terminator erase file data program controls the entire network, and the complete removal of data from disks can be started in dozens of different ways!


The Terminator program will completely delete important files when trying to remove them by unauthorized persons! Is a reliable data protection!