Have a problem?

  • Need to run an advertising campaign in a mall?
  • Need to update information for visitors regularly?
  • How to do it affordably and as effectively as possible?
It should be a modern and inexpensive solution!
A solution that keeps up with the times!

We have a solution!

In order to make advertising store campaign successful, it would be enough to:

Step 1

Prepare carefully designed promotional materials

Step 2

Think about ad placements

Step 3

Install InforMan - advertising video display software

The InforMan program offers an unusual solution that allows you to use old computer equipment to advertise goods in stores instead of new expensive advertising video displays. This will save ten times more money! Send your old equipment, dusted in the pantry, to make you money!


The InforMan program will provide effective advertising video display!


It is easy to install and maintain! You should try it, it feels good!