Have a problem?

  • Is a remote Windows OS server running in automatic mode?
  • There are no opportunities to connect expensive remote computer control?
  • But you need to control it constantly?
A computer that does important work in a remote automatic mode may crash!
And important work will not be done!

We have a solution!

For stable operation of the remote server, you need to follow simple recommendations:

Step 1

Use system units from a trusted manufacturer

Step 2

Install the most stable and persistent Windows OS version

Step 3

Install the WebElf web home control via Android

Are you looking for an easy control of a remote computer? In search of a simple and reliable program for a remote control of your computer? Right now you can try the WebElf web home control program for free!


The WebElf web home control program will enable you to remotely control your computer from a mobile phone with one touch!


In WebElf, you can create any control macros and get full control over the remote server! WebElf: is a secure, reliable and fast remote access!