Have a problem?

  • Have a need to ensure security of important facilities or premises?
  • Conventional security systems are not reliable enough?
  • Need another preliminary line of defense?
You need something really unusual and reliable!
Something non typical that even experienced eavesdroppers will not be able to cope with!

We have a solution!

In order to ensure the reliable security of premises, you can follow the following rules:

Step 1

Install a modern security system

Step 2

Limit access to the premises as much as possible

Step 3

Install the Acoustic - audio security program

Acoustic is an unusual audio security alarm that will provide you with an additional protection for your facilities. It is unique, because instead of the usual security sensors that all thieves already know, it uses microphones! This is its undeniable advantage; it simply shocks the thieves who have broken into your office!


The program Acoustic will provide additional sound protection! It's awesome!


Audio security software is easy to install and has low maintenance requirements!