FControl - the multithreaded file control software

The FControl program allows you to control the size, changes and content of any files, directories, and applications, alerting you about the changes timely, thereby preventing crashes and other unwanted issues.

The FControl program provides continuous monitoring of several objects simultaneously: files, directories or applications on your computer, and in case of changes in the controlled objects, the program will run the Macro.

FControl program includes up to 8 Macros with independent settings. Macros can work with Bat-files, that can automate any actions on your computer.

Some programs record the errors that have occurred in their logs, changing some databases can cause disk overflow and system failure, log changes may indicate that someone worked on your computer in your absence. In all these cases, the FControl program will be useful for you.

Type A


  • Control 1 object

Type C


  • Control 8 objects

To begin working, please, choose any type of license!

  • Type A license – many low-priced, requires no registration, includes a basic feature set enough for an ordinary user.
  • Type B license – includes advanced algorithms, providing more flexible and efficient program operation. This license type requires registration.
  • Type C license – contains the maximum feature set enough for achieving a professional result. This license type requires registration.
The registration procedure is quite simple:
Please, copy FControl software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. [Read more]. After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.

Advantages of FControl


FControl will let you always know about changing logs! This is a reliable continuous action file control software! It's safe!


FControl will easily take action, if your drive is full! This is a file control software that can work in totally independent way! It's modern!



FControl simultaneously checks up to 8 different objects! It provides folders, applications, and file control program. It's comfortable!



FControl is understandable, uncomplicated tool that is indispensable for battery life! This is an intuitive file control program. It's simple!

Video instruction

Screenshots FControl

Download FControl

  • FControl is a file control program up to 8 objects simultaneously!
  • FControl is an automatic response to changes in software!


Technical support will answer all your questions!
Нужна ли реклама на стенах магазина?
It is an object controlled by the program, including: files, folders or directory.
Yes, - we will adjust it for any amount of channels on your order.