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We work transparently and are always open to contact our customers and partners, and our support specialist is available at the contacts listed below, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Technical support reserves the right not to respond if the content of the message:
violates the legislation of Russian Federation;
contradicts the fundamentals of morality and ethics;
is not related to the activities of GKC ElectroSoft;
Bill J.Dollin
CEO Bill J.Dollin Any questions that could not be solved by our managers;
Nikolai Pavlov
Chief Engineering Officer Nikolai Pavlov Sales, finances, devices, maintenance, technical issues;
Yaroslav Basov
Chief Manager Yaroslav Basov Sales, finances, devices, warranties, contracts;
April Boss
Development manager April Boss Sales, finances, cooperation, advertising, events;
Our managers solve all outstanding issues! If you would like to turn to the CEO, please, indicate with whom of our managers you have already tried to resolve your problem.

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Gromoboya str. 23-83, Ivanovo, Russia, 153037 Office
Revolution sqr. 8, Ivanovo, Russia Trading room
Krasnaya str. 10, Ivanovo, Russia Production
Postal correspondence should be delivered by prior arrangement directly to our office. Otherwise, we will not receive it. Please put CEO as an addressee on the form.

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