Have a problem?

  • You often have to clear texts from extra characters?
  • Don’t like this hard and time-consuming process?
  • Need to introduce automation in this boring routine?
You need something really simple and convenient!
Something that simplifies the time-consuming process of clearing texts!

We have a solution!

In order to make working with texts easier, you can use the following pieces of advice:

Step 1

Minimize the number of extra characters in the texts

Step 2

Break the long text into small documents

Step 3

Install Clearner, the program for tags removal and clearing text from extra characters

Clearner is a program that facilitates correction of large texts. When creating the program, we relied on our solid experience as proofreaders. Right now you can try the Clearner text clearing program for free!


The Clearner program is designed for quick text clearing and tags removal!


The program Clearner is easy to install and has user-friendly design!