Have a problem?

  • Dream of finding a real treasure?
  • No any results, only expenses?
  • Need help from an experienced treasure hunter?
To become a successful treasure hunter, you need to know where and how old treasures could be buried!
It’s very difficult to find the right solution without professional advice!

We have a solution!

In order to find a treasure, you need to use the following tips:

Step 1

Find an old map with indication of possible location of treasure

Step 2

Carefully prepare for the expedition

Step 3

Install GoldMan, - a program for treasure seeking in old houses

GoldMan is a brief but sufficient guide for the beginner treasure hunter on how to find treasure with a metal detector. Right now you can try treasure seeking program GoldMan for free!
Maybe it’s time to go on a treasure hunt using a metal detector?!


The GoldMan program will help you in treasure seeking with using a metal detector! Easy and reliable!


It is designed by people, who know their business, and have a user-friendly interface which is easy to use!