Defender - the noise masking machine

Defender is a system that provides secure wiretapping protection of your premises. It makes noise masking machine using standard speakers of your computer.

Defender system generates noise, silencing the performance of any listening devices and creates a speech-like noise inseparable at the subsequent hearing. Defender Software is a simple, convenient and customizable white-noise generator, which is very handy and effective. It is used to protect your premises against unauthorized listening.

Defender white noise generator software can be used to protect your premises from competitors or detractors. The consequences of listening can be disastrous! Defender white noise generator software is effective against most of the methods and systems of eavesdropping. It provides reliable protection for your business!

Type A


  • 1 generator are available

Type C


  • 8 generators are available
  • software encoder-4x (eff.+35%)

To begin working, please, choose any type of license!

  • Type A license – many low-priced, requires no registration, includes a basic feature set enough for an ordinary user.
  • Type B license – includes advanced algorithms, providing more flexible and efficient program operation. This license type requires registration.
  • Type C license – contains the maximum feature set enough for achieving a professional result. This license type requires registration.
The registration procedure is quite simple:
Please, copy Defender software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. [Read more]. After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.

Advantages of Defender


Defender does not require special knowledge. It's simple! Your new white noise generator software will not cause you any difficulties with an installation and maintenance. You will save your time!


Defender is not expensive. It's cheaper than other noise generators! It’s maintaining a set of functions sufficient to protect any premises from wiretapping! You will save your money!



Defender is not picky. It works on any Windows PC! If you decide to buy a noise masking machine solution, Defender is the best choice! An excellent combination of features, quality, and price!



Defender uses modern advanced algorithms. It will give you the real protection, and you won’t need anything else! Buy the Defender noise masking machine solution and protect yourself forever!

Video instruction

Screenshots Defender

Download Defender

  • White noise generator software can securely protect your business from prying ears!
  • Buy Defender today, as may be too late tomorrow!


Technical support will answer all your questions!
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Just like any analog devices.
There is a USB device that expands the program’s functionalities. It can be purchased only by order.