Have a problem?

  • Are you going to business negotiations or important consultations?
  • Are competitors trying to eavesdrop on your secrets?
  • And it can be seized or stolen?
And the premises of the company are open and accessible to everyone!
This jeopardizes the security of commercial information and the future of the entire business!

We have a solution!

To keep the company secrets from competitors, a number of simple precautions must be followed:

Step 1

During important negotiations, speak quietly

Step 2

Curtain the windows with black-out curtains

Step 3

Run the Defender - noise masking machine

The Defender program is created by qualified specialists as an alternative to more expensive protection systems against listening of premises and vehicles. The original solution made it possible to use the acoustic systems of the computer to protect against listening!


The Defender noise masking machine creates an acoustic noise that blocks eavesdropping!


This is an inexpensive solution that will ensure the privacy of important negotiations!