Have a problem?

  • Trouble sleeping, difficulties in falling asleep and broken sleep?
  • Feel tired and irritable every morning?
  • Even your favorite work is not a pleasure anymore?
Chronic lack of sleep leads to weakening of immune system !
It is dangerous to health and reduces the quality of life!

We have a solution!

A few simple tips will help you to return to healthy sleep:

Step 1

Ventilate the room or take a walk in the fresh air

Step 2

Watch a calm movie or read a book

Step 3

Run the Vedmed relax sleep sounds

VedMed was developed based on WHO research results. According to WHO research, white noise boosts the body’s general immunity and resistance to viral infections, including COVID-19.


The Vedmed program is suitable for both adults and children. It feels good!


The Vedmed relax sleep sounds will give you a healthy sleep and lift your spirit for the whole day!