Have a problem?

  • How to organize quality surround sound for any event in a large room?
  • How to present the advertising store ideas to customer as effectively as possible?
  • How to quickly inform visitors about promotions and important events?
We need a modern information system that will provide powerful information support!
Indeed, in the absence of necessary information, the trading process is unlikely to be as profitable as possible!

We have a solution!

In order to make the trading process as effective as possible, we offer you several simple recommendations:

Step 1

Think what information you need to transmit and in what rooms

Step 2

Compose informative advertising texts

Step 3

Install the Speaker - advertising voice software

Do you want to hold an advertising campaign or a fire sale? With Speaker it will be much easier! Just download it and see for yourself! Right now you can try the Speaker advertising voice software system for free!


The program Speaker will provide effective advertising voice software overs for your store!


The program is easy to install and has low maintenance requirements!