Office sound masking
As you may know, every successful entrepreneur has a secret, its know-how. It seems natural that such confidential information needs to be hidden from unscrupulous competitors ready for dirty tricks in business.
And if struggle with leaks through communication channels is in many ways understandable, than office sound masking is still a question. For many it’s still unknown, or knowledge in this field is limited to thick walls and bold sound insulation. Companies involved in the development of any inventions are much more interested in protecting conversations from wiretapping.
Imagine that a certain firm has begun developing a more effective and cheaper PC. However, when encouraging results began to appear, competitors (in this case a monopoly) learned about these successes.
That novelty threated with serious losses to their business, so competitors decided to find out all the secrets of this company and destroy it from within. Since protection there wasn’t office sound masking at the premises of the company, evil-minded opponents shut down the long-term development of the PC.
Given that all means have been invested in the said project, the company eventually went bankrupt. As it turned out, competitors installed eavesdropping equipment in the design office.
Such examples are numerous in different businesses. Somewhere losses are minimal, while someone has to give up his business.
The most effective way to protect conversations from wiretapping is Defender, an office sound masking machine. It allows you to emit gentle noise without significant impairment of negotiations.
Several kinds of noise signals are used to prevent listening. Office sound masking makes it extremely difficult to get voice recorded. The cost of sound masking machine is negligible compared to possible damage due to the loss of secrets. Besides that, the machine requires no resources for its maintenance.
Thus, businessmen should consider how to implement office sound making in the room. It’s paramount in a competitive environment to protect business from unnecessary risks at the lowest cost. Perhaps such random noise generator as Defender is the best way to get excellent results.

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