What would you get from device test drive?
Each device assembled in our laboratory undergoes a usual checkout. It’s connected to the PC, its interaction with Windows our software is checked; performance of radio transmitters is also examined. After that an examination is considered complete, as the device is undamaged and ready to be sent to the consumer.
In real operating conditions overheating of device’s processor because of unstable voltage supply or poor ventilation of premises and non-stop operation of systems is possible. This can lead to abnormal situations. The staff doesn’t check a device for that, because that’s not the typical working mode.
Room ventilation, maintaining the desired temperature and humidity in them, serviceability and stability of power supply mains should be provided by the user. It’s mentioned in all the manuals of server systems. However, that’s often neglected. That can lead to equipment failure and our device is no exception.
During the test drive, our master will control the device performing various commands via radio charm or external buttons; the device will interact with the software. Thus, it will be actively performing!
The device undergoes peak operating conditions, so if it would be necessary it can be set for a future hard work.
After a test drive the device will get a lifetime warranty!

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