External buttons connecting
If your Terminator device has multiple inputs, there is no difference which input to connect with the button, as all buttons in the system are equal and their actions are set independently for each key.
External buttons connecting
If you want to connect buttons by yourself:
Output button contacts are usually of three types:
  • normally closed (NC)
  • normally open (NO)
  • changeover (having both types of contacts)
Let’s explain — we assume the contact normally-closed if it is closed during the normal (working, not pressed) button status.
To the one device’s input several remote buttons or pedals can be connected; they are united in the so-called loop. All external buttons and pedals included in the one loop will perform the same action in the program *.
Household buttons as a rule have only one pair of contacts, normally open one. Professional external buttons have changeover contact, i.e. the opportunity to work on both schemes and providing two ways to connect.
You need to decide what type of contacts to use in the system. It’s your choice; the device doesn’t care what type of contacts you will use. The type of contact, as well as its effect on the system, is adjusted in the program * for each input individually.
Camouflaged devices can also have remote buttons and pedals. Way to connect remote buttons is determined individually.
* Using the term “program”, I mean any of our programs.

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