Haunted house props of MidNight
Interest to otherworldly phenomena never subsides and is constantly fueled by cinema, literature and PC games.
We all wanted to get into the house with ghosts and to win the battle with the ghosts, like those created by Umberto Lenzi in his suggestive clammy horror film «The Cemetery.» A cute haunted house attraction, MidNight, creates atmosphere of horror in your house. You can trick friends, visitors, households, or even scare off thieves thanks to acoustic effects created in the room.
Haunted house props of MidNight are brilliantly simple! You don’t need special skills. Just install MidNight software on your PC and place all the elements of the attraction along the room following the instructions. At the time you set up, your home ghosts come to life! Your house will start emitting sighs and oohs; steps and other trends of the afterlife will be heard everywhere.
Haunted house props of MidNight use the latest digital technologies. Thus, an attraction has achieved tremendous reality of supernatural forces similar to those produced by Hollywood. This reality feels so natural, so it seems that it’s time to call the cinematic ghostbusters to save the apartment.
MidNight haunted house is a great fit for owners of amusement park and tourist facilities with mystical atmosphere, Panic Rooms, freak shows and other entertainment facilities.
USB-devices complementing the basic software use smart home elements. With their help reality will be more terrifying and creating dread within people.
When anyone will pass close to a hidden sensor, the latter will wake up the ghosts, and they will emit loud howls, turn on taps, hidden air conditioning systems forcing the sepulchral cold winds, shake pipes or knock on the window.
Create haunted house props by yourself and welcome to the world of ghosts.

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