Opening a professional haunted house
Entertainment is a lucrative business. A combination of tourism and entertainment is always successful.
Thus, it will be a great chance to open a professional haunted house to attract new tourists and take the vacant niche. We are talking about a completely new form of entertainment, a professional haunted house.
We all know what a haunted house is and how popular it is within people watching horror movies.
The difference between our attraction and haunted rooms is that our proposal is more realistic. It brings not a temporary feeling of fear, but constant. There’re no heads of shaggy dolls and employees grabbing the legs of visitors. Our visitors even forget that that’s an attraction.
At the most terrible hour, steps are heard around the house, as well as creaking doors, randomly run appliances, blowing cold grave. The visitor trying to understand what is happening, starts looking for the cause, but can not find it, but just activates a bunch of sensors actuating new special effects.
Midnight professional haunted house will really help attracting clients. Especially if you spread the information within social nets dedicated to the otherworldly phenomena.
Just do not forget that this is still a simulation, without real ghosts, so the next day arrange a fun party to celebrate that you’ve managed to open professional haunted house. Otherwise, fans of Mulder and Scali would scrape around in search of truth.
We hope our offer to DIY a professional haunted house will show you a new niche in such a difficult tourist market. However, haunted house ideas still need to be revised and expanded.

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