How to design a haunted house?
We offer a unique solution for recreation and entertainment. This is an unusual attraction, Midnight. The highlight is the answer on how to design a haunted house.
The peculiarity of our attraction is ease of installation and a minimum of skills to operate it. All these aspects are very important for beginners interested in how to design a haunted house. For them, the simple installation of MidNight ride will be very relevant.
The design of the attraction
MidNight is a hardware and software system that simulates the presence of ghosts. Managing is carried out automatically with a Windows PC.
The design of the attraction allows to abandon the hardware and use software only.
Without hardware, MidNight can reproduce only the sounds of ghosts through the standard speakers secretly installed indoor.
If you have the hardware, in addition to the speakers, you have to have hidden motion sensors and actuators.
The design of the attraction MidNight allows you to manage a variety of actuators as standard, and there, the essence of which is physical impact on the various items and household appliances, such as lighting control devices, water taps and electrical appliances in the premises.
Installing the attraction
MidNight attraction’s design and ease of installation will allow mounting it in any room. That’s a great advantage.
MidNight horror attraction will significantly expand the program of the party, dinner, holiday and bring them to a qualitatively new level. Guests of the professional haunted house won’t get bored. Thus, it’s ideal for any company.
Who is it aimed at?
First of all, people who love funny jokes. Arranging a terrifying haunted house for friends is a good idea, especially if they believe in ghosts.
Owners of amusement parks, hotels and holiday homes would also think how to design a haunted house. Midnight will help to achieve stunning realism that guarantees amazing pastime.

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