InforMan – Your Personal Advertising Video Display
In today’s digital age, advertising plays a crucial role in promoting products and services. With the advent of technology, traditional advertising methods have taken a backseat, making way for more innovative and cost-effective solutions.
One such solution is the InforMan program, a modern information network that serves as your personal advertising video display. This program offers a unique and inexpensive way to advertise goods in stores or any other location where information boards or advertising media displays are needed.

The Need for a Modern and Inexpensive Solution

In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead of the competition is paramount. Traditional advertising displays can be costly and may not always provide the flexibility and convenience that businesses require. The InforMan program addresses this need by offering a modern and inexpensive solution.
With the InforMan program, you no longer need to invest in expensive advertising displays. Instead, you can repurpose your old computer equipment to serve as advertising video displays. This not only saves you money but also reduces electronic waste by giving your old equipment a new lease on life.

Utilizing Old Computer Equipment for Advertising

Many businesses have old computer equipment lying around, gathering dust in storage. Instead of letting it go to waste, the InforMan program allows you to utilize this equipment for advertising purposes. By repurposing your old computers, you can transform them into powerful advertising video displays.
The InforMan program is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Simply download the program and follow the easy installation instructions. Once installed, you can start displaying your advertisements in a professional and eye-catching manner.

Saving Money with the InforMan Program

One of the biggest advantages of the InforMan program is its cost-effectiveness. By repurposing your old computer equipment, you can save up to ten times more money compared to investing in new advertising displays. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses or those operating on a tight budget.
Furthermore, the InforMan program offers a range of customizable features to suit your specific advertising needs. You can easily update and change your advertisements as often as required, ensuring that you can keep up with the dynamic nature of the market.

Download and Use for Free during COVID-19

In these challenging times, businesses are facing unprecedented hurdles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To support businesses during this period, the InforMan program is available for free download and use. This gesture aims to help companies reduce their advertising costs and navigate the current economic landscape.
To take advantage of this offer, simply visit our website and follow the download instructions. We believe in the power of businesses coming together and supporting one another during times of crisis, and we hope that the InforMan program can contribute to your success.


The InforMan program offers a modern and inexpensive solution for businesses in need of advertising video displays. By repurposing old computer equipment, businesses can save money while still effectively promoting their products and services. The customizable features of the program ensure that businesses can adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.
In these challenging times, the InforMan program is available for free download and use, providing support to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer and discover how the InforMan program can enhance your advertising efforts. Don’t let your old computer equipment go to waste – turn it into a powerful advertising tool with the InforMan program.

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