WebElf - remote computer management

Internet quickly and unequivocally becomes part of our lives, no matter whether we like it or not. For someone, it’s simply a mean of entertainment, for someone it’s a working tool, and for some it is a way of being.

There were invented many useful tools for comfortable work in the Internet.

Today we have to represent you a completely new unique tool. It is a connective and global tool able to create a single living environment for a modern person, integrating all areas of life in a single space.

Webelf is a system of the remote management of computer and other electronic devices!

Be ready for unlimited opportunities!

All of the features of your computer are now at your disposal around the clock and regardless of your location! Having a mobile phone or tablet with access to the Internet at a hand, you can use full remote computer management via Webelf software!

Webelf provides web management not only for your computer, but also for any electronic devices. Do you want to control the security or an access to your office via your mobile phone? Do you want to open doors of your garage remotely? Or regulate the temperature of the water in your pool? There is nothing easier as Webelf helps you with all that tasks.

The whole smart home is in you mobile!

Students and managers, business owners and government officials — all of them prefer simplicity, versatility and compactness of Webelf, the system of remote computer management!

Main concept

Webelf is easy!

Webelf System in its optimal version consists of WebElf external hardware device that is connected to the USB port of computer and Webelf remote computer management software tested for Windows.

The diagram shows the structure of Webelf System and its main functions, both software (marked yellow), and hardware (marked green):

WebElf device is optional; it is only needed if you want to manage electronic devices, for example, the whole variety of appliances, security system, or if you would like to provide an access to doors or gates of your office, regulate the water temperature or other parameters of life support systems etc. via your mobile.

WebElf device can fulfill your wildest dreams for remote computer management and control of your living space. Some would only need the device opening the garage door when house owner is almost arrived — and someone needs to control dozens parameters of home comfort and to manage all systems of smart home. That’s why we create every device according to your terms and conditions.

Webelf Software for remote computer management runs on your computer. If you like, you can set the username and the password to access program options and activate the built-in web server. Now you only need to run a web browser on your mobile device, type the path to your control page in the address bar and you will gain access to options of management.

Ask all your questions to our support staff.

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