MidNight haunted house park
Do you like thrills and surprises, which are not for the faint-hearted? Do you admire creativity and grim humor? Then MidNight haunted house park is definitely for you!
Stunning decision of GKC ElectroSoft helps to create powerful, truly fascinating attractions without any trouble. To do this you need a laptop, simple speakers and a little imagination.
MidNight haunted house park is a PC software putting a kingdom of ghosts into action at home! You will plunge into the world of mysterious sounds and feel their magic…
Anyone, who was caught short, will give particularly vivid feedback. Set up a system and bowl out your visitors. It will be a great fun to invite guests, find an excuse to be absent and leave friends alone with fear!
Options of a haunted house park aren’t limited to clanking chains of the spirit doomed to eternal torment or ghost steps in an empty rooms. With additional devices you’ll get truly unlimited scenarios for playing with phobias hidden in the depths of the soul.
Just imagine that, in addition to sounds, you have access to the real inexplicable action! It seems that poltergeist has inhabited in your apartment. And don’t think that this is an illusion; everything is really going on! There is running water in the bathroom, flashing light, knocking on the window (it feels especially awkward if you live on the 12th floor), etc.
By creating an attraction MidNight you don’t just DIY a magnificent ride, but also get a great solution for businesses. Huge opportunities of devices help to create a commercially viable entertainment complex. Visitors are guaranteed to have powerful adrenaline burst!
Create your haunted house park and be successful with MidNight!

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