How to Delete All Data From a Hard Drive?

Don’t throw away an old or obsolete storage disc without first considering the repercussions! To avoid data breaches, you must reconsider some things and behave prudently.

The storage device from which you desire to destroy may have included vital papers or highly sensitive data. This may result in the loss of stored data and financial loss, identity theft, or other types of cybercrime. As a result, it is essential to erase the hard drive using the methods advised.

Using Windows built-in capabilities, such as the Shift and Delete key combinations to wipe all files and folders from your storage drive, or formatting the entire drive, does not permanently erase data. Because when a file is deleted, the pointer that points to it in the master file table (MFT) is changed, and when a file is formatted, a new file system is established. In either situation, the data on the hard disc remains intact but is not accessible via the operating system. These deleted files can be readily retrieved by utilising data recovery software or a data recovery service.

Who Is Required to Wipe Data?

Data eraser software is used by a variety of businesses and regulatory agencies to ensure complete data erasing regardless of the nature of the storage device or cleaning frequency. Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI); information technology enabled services (ITES); healthcare industry; research and development centre; government bodies or regulating authority; educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities; recyclers and refurbishing companies; hotel and travel industry; automotive supplies; consulting firms; telecom; manufacturing sectors; and other major areas where the erasure software may better serve its purpose

Why Is It Important to Use Permanent Data Wiping Software?

Permanent hard drive wiping software, such as BitRaser for File or BitRaser, will handle practically any form of data wiping request more effectively, promises to produce extremely satisfied results, and preserves the level of secrecy demanded by the organisation. To prevent data breaches, governing authorities require that you closely adhere to information security standards and regulations. There is a list of international legislation and corporate policies that need or require a full audit to confirm that suitable storage drive disposal processes have been correctly followed. Noncompliance with rules and regulations might result in hefty fines (particularly when the GDPR is implemented), making it all the more important to employ permanent data wiping software that adheres to tight requirements.

The significance of comprehensive data erasure software:

Compliance: You can delete data utilising permanent data wiping software without violating industry regulations or statutory compliance requirements.

Standards: include the BDSG, GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, JPIPA, EU-DPA, ISO27001, IT-Act, PCI-DSS, and ISAE 3402-3416. You can put in place data wiping standards required by international standards-making groups.

Reporting: You can distribute the data erasure live report to the appropriate individuals. Furthermore, you may obtain permanent data wipe certification, which guarantees authorities about the thorough data eraser.

How to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive (Software Method)

Data on a hard disc drive or other data storage device must be safely deleted. Professional data erasure software exists that completely erases data without leaving any possibility of retrieval by any methods. The software technique is always recommended above alternative permanent data clearing methods such as degaussing, shredding, or physical destruction of the storage device, as the software approach permits drive reuse, does not cause electronic waste, and fulfils regulatory compliance.

BitRaser for File and BitRaser built expressly for the needs of home users and enterprises in terms of data erasure are two such software programmes accessible globally. These software applications are regarded as the best and most secure wiping options accessible in the web market for protecting your data. The utility assures to permanently erase data stored throughout the storage space and leaves no traces of deleted or formatted files for data recovery professionals or competent recovery programmes to find.

File BitRazer

BitRaser for File is an easy-to-use file erasure utility for erasing files, folders, volumes, system traces, application traces, internet activity, and other data. For residential users, the programme is quite useful for erasing hard disc data.

File Capability BitRaser

  • Deletes files and directories permanently, beyond the capability of recovery.
  • 17 data rubber standards are supported, including DoD and NATO.
  • You may schedule the file rubber job here.
  • On the search file option, there is a choice to produce a certificate.
  • Allows you to create an erasure list to delete files and directories in a single step.
  • Allows you to delete unneeded storage space to optimise your hard drive.
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Windows server 2012, 2008, 2003 are all supported.

BitRaser for File Operations

  • BitRaser for File may be downloaded, installed, and run on your PC.
  • From the left tree-view window, select the Erase Now option.
  • Choose either the files and folders or the entire disc.
  • To delete the things you have chosen, click the ‘Erase Now’ button.


BitRaser is a certified data erasure programme that safely and quickly wipes data from storage devices including PCs, laptops, SSDs, HDDs, servers, and so on. The programme is quite useful for meeting internal/external company audit requirements with trackable reports.

Capabilities of the BitRaser

  • Erases up to 32 drives simultaneously.
  • 27 international erasing standards, including DoD and NIST, are supported.
  • You can add up to five custom erasure algorithms.
  • Comprehensive audit trail, reporting, and certification are provided.
  • Erasure of all discs is supported: SATA, PATA, SSD, SAS, SCSI, IDE, and USB.

Closing remarks

The most pressing problem for everyone in this digital age is how to safely clean their storage devices so that they don’t come into the hands of the wrong people. With BitRaser for File and BitRaser, you have complete control and can wipe a hard disc completely in a matter of minutes. You may also run auditing reports to guarantee that no data remains on the storage device. Furthermore, manage the disposal of IT assets, reduce risks connected with highly private data held, and save time and useful resources. The software packages assist you in ensuring that there is no way to recover the files once they have been deleted from the storage device in question.


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