The Terminator device can be equipped with additional radio charms, panic buttons and other useful decisions. That will significantly increase the efficiency of your file erasure system. All connectors required for connecting additional gadgets are mounted in the rear panel of the Terminator device.

The device can be configured in three versions:

  1. Wire device: The buttons are set on the front panel of the device (or remote), and you can start deleting data via these buttons.
  2. Wireless device: The radio control module is installed, and you can start deleting data via the radio transmitter.
  3. Composite: Both a radio control module and remote buttons are installed, and you can start deleting data both remotely and via remote buttons.

Contact our managers and they will pick up and equip a device that perfectly corresponds with your tasks.

Terminator basic models

Item Retail (€) Wholesale (€)
1 Terminator device

• Without additional modules;

• USB cable included;

220 175

Additional modules

Item Retail (€) Wholesale (€)
1 Radio control module

• Without radio charm;

80 65
2 Four-button radio charm

• Optional;

40 30
3 Two-button radio charm

• Optional;

30 25
4 One-button radio charm

• Optional;

25 20
5 RF signal amplifier

• Power supply included;

70 55
6 Sensors and buttons

• In assortment;

1 1
7 Using one button on the front panel

• 4 buttons maximum;

25 20
8 Using one external button

• 4 buttons maximum;

25 20
9 External power switchs

• 4 switchs maximum;

60 50
10 External power switchs (RF)

• 4 switchs maximum;

120 100
11 Fast memory

• Accelerates the removal process by 20-40%;

40 30
12 Device camouflaging

• In external modem;

120 100

Additional services

Item Retail (€) Wholesale (€)
1 Device delivery

• Post Services;

Contractual Contractual
2 Device modification

• On demand;

Contractual Contractual
3 Test drive device (72 hours)

• Grants a lifetime warranty;

50 40
4 Online installation support

• Phone, skype, icq, e-mail: (in russ);

10 / hour 8 / hour
5 Engineer's on-site visit

• Workgroup: engineer and wireman;

Contractual Contractual

Additional information

  1. Wholesale prices are available when ordering more than five devices
  2. Basically, the device has 1-year warranty, but you can get a lifetime warranty.

Terminator device gallery

erase data
removing information
removing information

Not everyone wants the Terminator device performing highly responsible role in protecting their information to be open to the public eye. That’s why we have produced an option of the Terminator device, housed in the standard box that doesn’t attract any attention to the device – in form of the external modem.