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We work transparently and are always open to contact our customers and partners, and our support specialist is available at the contacts listed below, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Technical support reserves the right not to respond if the content of the message:

  1. violates the legislation of Russian Federation;
  2. contradicts the fundamentals of morality and ethics;
  3. is not related to the activities of GKC ElectroSoft;
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Konstantin Grechin CEO -
Nikolai Pavlov Senior engineer -
Ilya Nikitin Senior manager -

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Gromoboya str. 23-83, Ivanovo, Russia, 153037 Office -
Revolution sqr. 8, Ivanovo, Russia Trading room -
Krasnaya str. 10, Ivanovo, Russia Production -

Postal correspondence should be delivered by prior arrangement directly to our office. Otherwise, we will not receive it. Please put CEO as an addressee on the form.

Our contacts:

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Public phone number +7 4932 370631 Contact
Public e-mail Contact
Public ICQ 407 481 481 (Contractual)
Public Skype GKCLab (Contractual)

Due to the large amount of junk mail, our mailbox is protected by a spam filter. Therefore, if you did not receive a reply to your letter within 24 hours, please repeat it by changing the writing style, or contact us in another way. We apologize for the troubles caused.