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  • Customer review: Nikolay
    The Terminator device matches the description, generally, I'm satisfied, but the delivery of the item to St. Petersburg took 12 days! This is a very long time for me! In my opinion, you need to organize your own delivery service so that buyers receive their orders faster.

    Employee response: April
    Thank you, but the own delivery service is not profitable for us now. We do not have such a high turnover.

  • Customer review: Jack
    The program is useful and your MidNight is quite a cool idea, but, please, pay more attention to software design! It seems to me that you have not changed its design for about five years, keep it up to date.

    Employee response: April
    Thank you, we are working on it. Could you please describe your desires on this subject?

  • Customer review: Pavel
    Installed your Terminator, it really removes data, but how sure I can be that the deleted data cannot be recovered?

    Employee response: April
    Sorry, but no one could guarantee that, as the reliability of data removal depends on many factors, some of which depend not on the program, but on the user.

  • Customer review: Ivanov
    It’s not the first time I’ve bought your programs, everything is fine, licenses are issued promptly, and they are operable, but the question constantly arises - why can't I use PayPal? I'm used to it!

    Employee response: April
    Sorry, we are not satisfied with the current policy of this service, but you can always use PayPal through any payment aggregator offered when paying.

  • Customer review: Nikolay Fomin
    I'm your regular customer, I like your site, user-friendly navigation. The process of placing an order is very clear and simple, no any difficulties arise. One bad thing is that you cannot transfer the program from one to another computer after activation! Please, fix it!

    Employee response: April
    Programs are installed on the specific drive on which they will work, as indicated in their description. If you need a portable program, then install it directly on a removable disk.

  • Customer review: Alfred
    Wide range of programs, excellent competitive prices, but pay more attention to the development of the Internet direction! This is necessary for many and will always be relevant.

    Employee response: April
    Thank you, this is one of our priority areas of development. Stay tuned for our updates.

  • Customer review: Tao Li
    It was my first purchase. Everything is fine. Fast, clear and well-worked. The product is fully consistent with the declared description. I will glad to use your store again. The Terminator device is quite interesting, but the delivery turned out to be very expensive due to taxes of the commercial delivery service! Why don't you ship goods by regular mail?

    Employee response: April
    Sorry, but regular postal service does not work properly and doesn't take responsibility for the contents of the shipment. There have already been unfortunate precedents.

  • Customer review: Roman
    This is not the first time I work with you, and every time my orders are completed properly and rapidly, employees are always friendly and the quality of service is always perfect. Thanks for your work. Well, the main proposal consists in improving the product offering, we need more new and interesting programs.

    Employee response: April
    Thank you, we are constantly widening the product range. Stay tuned!