Your extraordinary assistants are here
So, Cap, are you going to a deepwater? Subdue unruly business ideas online and surf the endless sea of Internet? Are you a jack-tar seasoned with salt and hardened with experience?
But, anyway, you are in our tavern for a reason, apparently to find new assistants ready to embark with you in this dangerous journey!
We offer you three indispensable assistants, that know these seas all to pieces and were tested in long voyages by many a captains. They are able to solve many complex business problems and you won’t be disappointed by them. So, get acquainted:
Are you interested in emergency information removal?
Then let us represent your first assistant, Terminator System. It helps to erase data on hard drives quickly, qualitatively and without direct access to computer in case of emergency.
Are you interested in remote computer management?
Then let us represent your second assistant — WebElf System that helps you in remote computer management via any mobile device. Besides computers you may manage programs installed and any equipment working at your home.
Does your task involve protection of your premises from wiretapping?
Let us represent your third assistant, the Defender system, which will reliably protect your rooms from reading, using standard speakers of your computer.

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