Terminator - delete files permanently!
In today’s tough business world, where competition is sometimes regulated with dirty methods, special attention has to be paid to protect trade secrets.
Those are accounting and legal documents, clients’ and other unique databases you need at your computer every day, and that cause constant headaches to the director because when they trap in evil hands it means that the business is lost.
In this case you just need a reliable and affordable emergency system that can delete files permanently, the system that we have developed for you. That’s Terminator system.
Terminator is the system that helps to delete files permanently. It acts quickly, qualitatively and without direct access to computer in case of emergency.
Terminator system will raise the status of your file management system to the new, professional, level. You no longer need to worry about the privacy of your business information; Terminator will provide it.
You only need to configure Terminator program once, specifying information whose leakage should prevented; everything else would be done by Terminator system itself, automatically or after you command.
Who owns information, owns the world!
Among our customers are banks and individuals, business houses and manufacturing enterprises, — everyone who value their business and private life, everyone who wants to protect their information and, finally, themselves from unpleasant surprises.
Reliability of work!
Terminator device was developed at a defense plant. For more than six years of sales, there was no any damage. We guarantee the lifelong maintenance of Terminator devices!
Reliability of destruction!
Terminator program implements the newest erasing data algorithm through that information erased by Terminator program is extremely hard to recover. Removal technology has no analogues in the world.
Terminator system has more than ten different ways to delete files permanently. Today, the system is available in several versions allowing choosing the optimum level of protection for each of our clients individually.

Advantages of Terminator system

Why Terminator is better than other systems?
Terminator, the system of erasing data, has several substantial advantages comparing to analogous devices that make it unique, and make its use beneficial to customers. These are just some of its advantages:
1. Terminator system doesn’t break a hard drive
Other devices for erasing data from hard drives work with an electromagnetic pulse. Their developers sometimes warn and sometimes «forget» to warn in their data sheets that after such a «removal», operability of the hard drive is not guaranteed.
Moreover, this drive won’t work anymore… In contrast to these devices, Terminator system erases only the information needed, not all information on the hard drives and moreover, not the hard drive!
Terminator is an intellectual system, but not the vulgar hammer!
Also, it’s not economic for any company to change expensive hard drives after each random loud cough in the hall. We also keep silent about the obvious questions: «What if the information was on multiple drives?» and «How much the large company will pay for an hour or two of downtime required to change disks in the server?»
2. Terminator system doesn’t require an installation
Easy installation and maintenance is available through the use of PnP capabilities of USB interface. There is no need to open the system unit or to stop the server to install Terminator system; it connects simply as a mouse.
3. Terminator system works secretly
Terminator system can disguise standard devices, an external modem, for example. It allows to protecting your information without attracting an undue attention.
4. Terminator System is not expensive
Terminator system with all its advantages has a price 2-3 times lower than similar devices as well as a wide range of accessories. We try to meet our customer’s requirements.
5. Terminator system works in automatic mode
Terminator system can operate in automatic mode, providing around-the-clock protection of your information, even without your presence.
6. Terminator system saves your money
One Terminator system, installed on any computer within the network, controls the information on all hard drives of the network, whereas other devices for data removing have to be installed on each hard disk.
Terminator is the system that helps to delete files permanently on any hard drive of the network. It acts quickly, qualitatively and without direct access to computer in case of emergency.
Process of erasing data can be activated with the radio charm, Web command, command within local network, automatically according to events of Windows, user events, timer, etc.
In addition to erasing data, the system can provide: shutdown or restart of the computer, automatic cleaning of client computer’s drives from temporary files, closing of active processes, computer’s escape from the local network, and many more.
Terminator system in its maximum version consists of a Terminator external hardware Terminator device connected to the USB port of your computer, and the Terminator program tested for Windows.
Terminator device is not mandatory, it only complements Terminator system with hardware features, and that’s why, in the simplest case, an inexpensive software license is not enough for Terminator system to work.
The diagram shows the structure of Terminator system and its main functions, both software (yellow) and hardware (green):[shem up]
You can create two independent lists of information in Terminator program. Two lists give more comfort as they allow sharing all information that is subject to emergency removal on two groups, for example, Important and Common. For each group you can choose a way of removal.
For example: Important are erased by pressing the red button on the charm, Common — by pressing the blue button, and pressing the green button deletes Both lists.
Therefore, you can control the amount of information is removed according to the situation, and, consequently, the time of removal that may play a very important role in some situations.
Terminator program provides two mechanisms of erasing data: fast removal and qualitative removal.
With the fast removal, it erases data very quickly, but only headers are removed. Fast removal mechanism is optimal for emergency disposal of large amounts of data.
With the qualitative distance, the whole file body is overwritten with code, developed with a special algorithm to prevent recovery of erasing data, one or more times before removal. Therefore qualitative removal provides greater reliability of removal, but it takes more time.
Terminator system is continuously improving meeting your requirements.
Automatic methods of erasing data such as: removal at the specified time or removing with start of Windows, as well as manual ones, for example, when you press the button installed in your office, have been provided in Terminator program already.
Terminator system provides management with radio charms. These miniature devices are compact, reliable and have a sufficient range to provide a comfortable operation of the system in your office.
In Terminator program flexible support of local network and Web interface for remote computer management and emergency data removal is provided.
In Terminator program we use four special algorithm of overwriting of data erased:
  • ZeroOut
  • BlackHole
  • Bruce Schneier
  • DoD ECE
The first two algorithms were developed by our experts. These algorithms provide high-speed overwriting with acceptable quality of removal. The third and fourth algorithms are internationally recognized; you can read about them, for example, on Wiki.
In addition to the choice of algorithm of erasing data you can choose the number of overwrite cycles to the selected algorithm and the priority of removing each of the information lists in Terminator program.
Terminator system implements all most essential ways to delete files permanently, both software and hardware. The start the removal of the information in the system can be done with:
Pressing a button on the charm
If your Terminator device has radio control module, then you can start erasing data by pressing a button on the radio charm of the Terminator device.
Buttons of the radio charm have different colors and slightly sunken, which prevents an accidental pressing.
If your radio charms have few buttons, you can organize a multi-leveled removal setting, when different buttons remove different lists of information.
Pressing an external button
You can connect multiple independent external buttons, which can be installed in your office, to the Terminator device. Pressing any external button starts erasing data.
With external buttons you can organize a multi-leveled removal setting, when different buttons remove different lists of information.
Connection of several remote buttons to the Terminator device is detailed here.
Pressing the built-in button
Terminator device can have up to four separate buttons on the front panel, , which can be set to your order.
When you press a button on the front panel of the controller, you can start an erasing data.
With buttons on the front panel you can organize a multi-leveled removal setting, when different buttons remove different lists of information.
Sensor activating
You can connect any sensors, which can be installed in your office, to the Terminator device, like it was with the buttons.
You can use any type of sensors, e.g. motion sensors, sensor of opening the system unit, sensors of open doors, etc.
When triggered, the sensor can automatically start an erasing data.
Network command sent
The Terminator package includes Client program. It serves as a network client to the Terminator’s network. All network settings are configured in the Terminator program, which acts as a server of Terminator’s network.
Sending commands to the server of Terminator’s network, you can start erasing data.
Availability of four independent network commands in the system allows you to organize multi-level removal setting — when different network commands remove different lists of information — as it may be convenient in some situations.
Web command sent
The Terminator program can work as a Web server, providing Web access with passport needed to the management of Terminator System.
Connecting from a remote computer or a mobile phone to your Web server you can begin to delete files permanently.
You can organize multiple independent Web commands via Web interface that allow you to organize multi-level removal setting — when different Web commands remove different lists of the information.
Changing an application status
When you start or quit (depends on your settings) the selected application, you can start erasing data.
Changing a file status
In case there appears or disappears (depends on your settings) the selected file, you can start erasing data.
Hot-keys pressing
If you press the desired keyboard shortcut at any time, you can start erasing data.
Windows start
If within a specified time after you have started Windows, the user hasn’t press the keyboard shortcut set by you, erasing data can be started automatically.
Alarm signal
Just a simple alarm clock. When the set time comes, removing files can be started automatically.
In the Terminator program, you can set several methods of removal for the same time.
Ask all your questions to our support staff.

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