Random noise generator for my office
I hadn’t thoughts on how to protect my business before. This continued until the time, when our idea appeared at our competitors. Six months later, the situation repeated itself again.
A friend of mine working in government agency advised to think about protection from listening or simply get a random noise generator to protect my office. After surfing the Internet I found two ways of protection.
There are both passive and active methods of protection. Passive includes qualitative insulation of premises. However, that doesn’t protect from wiretapping.
Active protection from wiretapping includes random noise generator in the speech frequency band (audible to the human ear). It masks speech on the tape recorded or any other soundtrack so much, that it’s nearly impossible to hear voice clearly.
Of course, the most effective way is disabling listening devices. However, the cost of the work to find a means of wiretapping is calculated for each square meter of floor space. If you have large working space this action will cost a bundle.
In addition, there is no guarantee that specialists won’t miss anything, or such a device would be mounted in your office the next day and your security measures will be useless.
As it turned out, the most effective and painless for budget was is use of random noise generator called Defender. It combines white noise, digital, analog, and flicker noise.
Random noise generator raises the natural noise in the office, hiding useful speech signals beneath. Since this noise is broadband and covers the entire spectrum of sound frequency of the human voice, it becomes almost impossible to filter the sound. Most importantly, a generator doesn’t interfere in the conversation within the office!
The combination of random noise generator with other generators (it’s possible, as Defender has two channels generating noise) provides even better protection from wiretapping.
As shown by my practice, after installing a random noise generator in some of the most important offices, cases of information theft have almost disappeared. I was very pleased. An office sound masking machine brought positive results. Such a noise generator is enough for a small business like mine.

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