Effective sound masking systems
In our modern world, information has become a priceless resource. We are speaking not only about profit, but also a pledge of great reputation, expanding relations and customer base.
It’s recommended to keep information at any cost, especially when it comes to such an affordable purchase as white noise app.
Any businessman who has once lost to competitors because of lack of expertise in modern technologies can say that data protection is crucial.
If you haven’t yet chosen from sound masking systems, then pay attention to products of GKC ElectroSoft. We offer you Defender, a modern white noise generator to mask and block electromagnetic radiation and leak of data.
The main task of this device is to protect your home or office from constant attempts of wiretapping. Sound masking systems generate noise that causes interference to record your conversations and significantly reduces intelligibility. Therefore, information theft is practically impossible. All that you’ve said to your customers and partners in a personal conversation would become impossible to recognize, if you have Defender white noise app running in the room.
Innovative technologies: The system uses advanced algorithms for generating white noise.
Simplicity: To use the white noise app, you don’t have to obtain any special knowledge or skills.
Availability: Defender is much cheaper than similar products. It will operate on any PC running Windows. The software doesn’t require much resource.
Save time: Unlike other sound masking systems, this one requires no installation. You don’t have to mess with wires or bulky equipment. You only need to install the software on a hard drive of your PC and activate it.
Functionality: A special portable USB device was developed to empower software.
Convenience: The white noise app is turned on and off with one button.
Effectiveness: White noise app will protect your conversations making indoor wireless microphones, digital recorders, kinematic recording, cell phones, and any other listening devices ineffective.
Security: The sound masking systems is completely safe for human health. Numerous studies have shown that it produces an exceptionally favorable effect.
Remember that hackers can easily listen to your conversations. Protect yourself beforehand. Use sound masking systems. A noise generator will allow you to avoid spending a lot of money and nerves.

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