Noise maker as a way to save business
In today’s world isecurity of nformation (we mean protection of conversations as well) has came to the fore. It’s especially important to large companies, as competitors often use the most unpleasant ways to take the palm of victory.
Therefore, it’s worth to order a noise maker that is capable to protect your conversations from prying ears. Such a reliable device becomes more relevant than ever!
Not so long ago we were addressed by the head of one of Russia’s largest advertising agencies, whose clients were influential domestic and foreign companies.
The problem was critical. In some way competitors of the agency learned important moments of advertising campaigns beforehand; trade secrets and other essential data fell into wrong hands. Personnel purges weren’t effective. Because of this, the company has just lost a great staff, which was happily hired by another agency. After a long search attempts to find an agent, who was merging information, failed.
Business suffered significant losses, and it was urgent to initiate measures, otherwise the agency would fall into the black list. Customers didn’t want to contact the company that couldn’t guarantee complete confidentiality.
As time went on, it seemed that someone was invisibly present in every negotiation with partners and important customers. After conferences all the data came to hands of competitors. It became clear that the company urgently needed to protect conversations.
It turned out that competitors have set wiretap of the office using one of the many illegal methods of obtaining information. They quickly learned valuable information and used for their own purposes, making the business of the mentioned company almost unprofitable.
Everything went quite well, as director of the agency didn’t care about the installation of special protective programs and noise makers, considering devices useless. His improvidence and reluctance to use modern inventions could have resulted in the collapse of the big business that he developed years and years.
However, all ended well, thanks to the fact that the employer has called us. We advised him to buy Defender, noise maker app. Protection from listening conversations when using this instrument is 100% guaranteed. It generates the so-called white noise that prevents any wiretapping.
After installing Defender, noise generator app, the advertising company was able to continue its successful activities. Thus, sound masking systems are vital for competitive business.

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