Defender, the real sound masking machine
Security issues are very serious not only at national level, but also in common business. Modern technology allows not only installing bugs in the office easily, but also providing wiretapping using directional microphones and stethoscope, which can be bought online.
In such a situation protection from listening becomes urgent and very important. A simple and reliable method of protection against wiretapping is acoustic noise, which eliminates an opportunity to understand the essence of conversation.
Defender isn’t just a program. That’s a single hardware and software system acting as a sound masking machine. It helps to emit acoustic noise in the desired time, for example at important conversation or management meetings. The main function of the complex is protection of your premises against listening.
Defender system includes office sound masking machine and an optional USB-device, with which the system can be activated remotely via a radio transmitter or your mobile phone.
Unlicensed version of the sound masking machine works for a limited time and with a minimum efficiency. Naturally, it won’t protect Pentagon or the White House, but this noise generator is quite enough to hide an important conversation and shield against non-professional listening devices.

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