Why do we need office white noise machine
During daily work with confidential information it’s extremely important to prevent its leakage, as its effects may be irreparable. One of the oldest methods of obtaining other people’s secrets is an acoustic exploration. Or, simply put, wiretapping.
You can speak in a whisper to prevent leakage, but that’s unaccepted during meetings, planning briefings, research and academic sessions, as well as other types of communication. The most effective and affordable software and hardware tool to combat wiretapping is an office white noise machine called Defender.
Defender office white noise machine generates various types of noise at frequencies from 100 Hz to 30 kHz. These sounds are reproduced by a conventional audio system of a PC. For best results, software could emit several kinds of noise, for each channel on its own. White noise masks speech signals without interfering with the negotiations.
Listening devices, especially low-cost ones, become useless in this ambience, as it’s extremely difficult or even almost impossible to filter out noise and separate conversation!
An additional USB-device, which can be connected to the piezoelectric or electromagnetic transducers, makes an office white noise machine more powerful. This combination will obstruct wiretapping in your rooms through the windows, walls and partitions.
Thus, the sound barrier created by an office white noise machine provides a reliable protection from listening, which helps saving your secrets from prying competitors, thereby avoiding possible damages and losses.
White noise app protects your information from being stolen. Protection is provided at minimal cost, because the white noise generator uses a minimum configuration of PC and speakers that you already have. Please, be sure to use high-quality speaker systems for the noise generator!

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