Noise generator will protect business
Currently, industrial espionage becomes ominous. The latest achievements of science make it possible to obtain information via channels, which previously weren’t considered as informative.
The latest technology can receive data from acoustic, vibroacoustic and many other technical channels used for information leakage. This diversity brings a sense of hopelessness for the custodians of confidential data. Sometimes extreme and absurd measures are taken to protect valuable data, such as speaking in a whisper during important negotiations.
However, science doesn’t stand still in the development of means to prevent information theft.
Active methods of dealing with acoustic listening are key features of protecting premises. Defender noise generator uses the most high-tech mechanisms, and thus prevents theft of acoustic data from the protected room.
Defender software allows the user minimizing decipherable speech in data stolen by competitors. Broadband noise generators of Defender software mask speech. This noise is played back with PC stereo providing protection against wiretapping.
And most importantly, this noise isn’t a serious obstacle to negotiate.
Attackers will hardly succeed in filtering out interference caused by Defender noise generator, if they don’t have proper knowledge and expensive equipment. Even after filtering information perception of speech won’t ever be clear.
Piezoelectric and electromagnetic charms are connected to the USB-device of Defender noise generator block and allow vibroacoustic channel leakage. Vibration created by these devices masks useful signal passing through the structure of the building. This is very important because modern devices resemble stethoscopes, which allow listening through walls more than a meter thick.
Such a comprehensive approach using office noise generator Defender ensures the best possible protection from wiretapping. Given that implementation of this protection requires chicken feed of money, you should think seriously about office sound masking, especially if you often work with confidential information.

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