White noise machine and sound sleep
White noise machine is a gadget that produces white noise machine without sharp bursts and dips. It provides soothing effect for the human body. White noise is extremely useful for relaxation, meditation and sleep.
According to experts, white noise machine has recovering effect. If the noise is set in a correct way, it even promotes fluent renovation of brain activity and reduces fatigue, stress and illness.
Psychologists complement the useful properties of white noise machine, saying about its special usefulness for children. White noise machine in correct dosage promotes sound and healthy baby sleep.
According to survey of sociologists, despite of such great benefits of white noise machines, only 30% of adults know about them (some part may doubt them). Another 14% are simply afraid of using white noise because of prospective dependence. About 9% just spare money to buy a program or device to create a quality white noise; however, they don’t rely on homemade devices that congested Internet.
Sometimes we wake up due to the strong emotional outburst. The cause may be something dreamed that is usually unpleasant, negative. We can also wake up because of strange sound, car siren, noise from the highway or cry outside.
The reason lies in the fact of brain activity. During sleep, our brain works as the AGC (automatic gain control), i.e. the quieter is around us, the more sensitive it becomes.
There are people who always dream of the day, as they wake up or wince at every sound. Of course, such a sleep will never be restorative and complete.
In this case, a white noise machine comes to help. It creates unobtrusive sound atmosphere around sleeper without interfering to sleep.
The white noise machine creates an artificial background sound helping our brain to reduce sensitivity to extraneous sounds during sleep. As a result, sleep duration is increased several times!
Moreover, white noise can not only soothe your brain, creating a favorable atmosphere for sound sleep, but also partially block negative emotions and annoyances, as bad dreams are less frequent during a calm and tight sleep.
First, don’t believe the narrow-minded people in Internet that are writing stuff and nonsense about white noise machine.
Remember the popular advertising — Not all yogurts are created equal. It’s true for white noise.
Don’t use downloaded audio files, don’t use radio noise either. It’s just noise, so you’ll get minimum benefit. If you want to calm your child, it’s generally unacceptable and fraught with nervous disorder, instead of healthy sleep.
Correct white noise has dozens of configurable parameters. It can be produced by a special white noise machine.
The white noise machine has to be designed by a physician taking into account the psychological susceptibility of the human body.
Moreover, if the specific situation, the state of the nervous system and the age of person would be calculated, then the sleep noises machine will have truly magical effect. White noise for babies is vital.

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