White noise for babies
One problem was typical for our clients. All of them had restless kid that was constantly crying, waking up and disturbing parent’s sleep.
However, the situation has drastically changed after parents started to use white noise for babies via VedMed. White noise for babies is a flat noise without any edges, which has spectral components distributed in a uniform manner across the entire range of frequencies used. This is a computer program that soothes young children and helps them to sleep peacefully.
Scientific studies have shown that a flat noise resembles a sound heard by baby in a womb. Unfortunately, not anyone knows about this miraculous thing. Therefore, many parents have to rock children in their arms for hours, shaking newborns, which is extremely harmful to a fragile body.
A sleep cycle of a baby is only 20-40 minutes. By the end of the cycle comes REM sleep. During this period, kid can be waked up by the slightest sound — gritted floor, slammed door, whistle of a boiling kettle, etc. And after waking up, mite can’t sleep again.
Just for this reason babies sleep little, just for 20-30 minutes, and their mothers can’t relax and usually don’t have time. White noise for babies will help the baby to keep sleeping up during REM.
Baby may experience stress from almost all: fatigue, new experiences, bright light, loud voice, as well as if they don’t receive food, diaper or attention immediately… White noise provides safe rest for kids and calms the nervous system.
Please, pay attention! Numerous studies of sudden infant death syndrome have shown that the use of this program significantly reduces the risk of SIDS in infants.
Start VedMed program on your PC, increase the speaker volume to approximately 50 dB. Correct volume setting can be checked as follows: the volume should be a little more than you once thought, but not so much to feel undue discomfort.
Use the program when putting baby to sleep and off the sleep noises for babies just when it becomes apparent that the baby has woke up and completely awake. There is no age limit for sleep noise machine, so it will be useful not only for children, but also for adults.

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