Why sound machine for sleeping is useful?
The sleep is very important for the baby’s health, so you need to consider all the conditions in which it takes place, including noises heard around.
This is when a sound machine for sleeping becomes handy, as it creates a background that dims the surrounding noise. That’s especially important for an afternoon nap, when a number of extraneous sounds are just great.
Sound machine for sleeping creates monotonous audio stream that helps baby to calm down and fall asleep faster, and to have a long sleep.
There are several theories explaining why it works. It’s believed that white noise resembles sounds heard by kid while in womb. There wasn’t a quite environment. Quite the opposite, there were lots of different sounds. A sound machine for sleeping creates similar sounds, which help baby to relax, calm down and take a nap.
The second version supposes that absolute silence can’t be reached in a house or an apartment. Sleep of baby (as well as of adult) consists of cycles that include REM and deep sleep. During deep sleep, extraneous sounds aren’t able to disturb baby. However, during REM a single peep is enough to make a kid awake. A sound machine for sleeping generates a sound barrier.
Now, phases replace each other, but a random sound won’t wake a baby.
There are still some general facts. For example, if a child’s dream is disturbed, parents want to calm him down and say something like “wheesht” or “shh.” This instinctive ‘hiss’ really helps. That’s not a secret either that kids sleep better while being outdoors. Not only fresh air calms them. There are lots of different sounds that create a kind of noise that keeps sleep sound.
Although monotonous noise of a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer is a white noise too, it’s not necessary to use these devices for kids. Sound files downloaded from web aren’t the best option too. If you care about the mental state of your child, you need to use a special device, a sound machine for sleeping. Usually that’s a small device or software. VedMed program is an example.
VedMed sleep app is not just a player of monotone sounds. Special algorithms to generate white noise for children and adults were used while creating this software.
Don’t let troubles and problems deprive you and your children of such a vital thing, as sleep!
This sleep noises app will help you relax after a hard day’s work, providing a tonic effect and restoring brain activity after stress. VedMed sleep app fits kids, as its white noise calms mites and makes sleep tight and long.

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