How To Delete Files From SSD?
The new SSD technology opens its doors to us. Operation speed, low power consumption and reliability of recording data aren’t all the benefits of this technology.
There is at least another one. You haven’t seen such a reliable and fast opportunity to delete file permanently! With SSD Terminator system can work at 100%. You can reckon on absolute destruction of data from hard drive of your PC, fast access to data and inability to retrieve deleted information. Data erasure has never been so proper and fast!
It’s now possible to delete files in several drives’ scale. Remove terabytes of files quickly and permanently. Real House device will provide your system, which acts as an eraser software, remote control via radio transmitter or mobile phone.
Secure delete without retrieving
Since the SSD is a semiconductor memory, it has no mechanics, magnetic heads or disks. It also means the complete absence of residual magnetization, which allows you to recover deleted files using magnetic properties of HDD. The latter often makes destruction of data meaningless.
Fast and secure delete
Access time to cells of SSD is much less compared to access to HDD. That’s because the main reason for delays in communication, as well as destruction of data is the so-called mechanical operations, i.e. mechanics of hard drives.
Develop a business in full force and don’t be afraid of information leakage!
Use Terminator in combination with SSD-drives to delete files and open new levels of security and reliability to your business! How to delete files? Just easily!

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