Deleting information in large offices
The turnkey solution for large and mid-sized offices. Good reliability of protection.
Turnkey solution: Removal of information can be performed:
  • Automatically when you start Windows;
  • By local network command;
  • By pressing the hot key on the keyboard of PC;
  • By mobile phone command;
  • By pressing a button on the radio charm;
  • Terminator device — 2 pc.
  • An additional one-button radio charm — 1 pc.
This solution has an increased range of radio charms due to the second device working as a transmitter. Thus, the solution can be recommended for offices with a greater distance between rooms or located on different floors.
This turnkey solution includes three radio charms, as shown. Two radio charms are included in the kit and one is extra. Experience has proven that several radio charms greatly increase the reliability of the system.

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