Terminator, the great data eraser
Current business environment demands new rules of game. Unfortunately, competitors may lend themselves to unfair practices, including espionage and even banal theft.
That’s why these days the question of keeping trade secrets is so acute. Each organization has a bunch of important legal and accounting documents, customer lists and other equally important secret data that has to be kept in the strictest confidence. Constant thoughts about security of those secrets bring a lot of unnecessary headaches to managers and executives.
That’s why special systems that provide fully automatic file removing in case of emergency are much-in-demand. One of such systems is Terminator software complex that acts as data eraser.
Terminator is a unique system that allows removing all classified information from computer drives in the case of force majeure without damaging the file system. However, you don’t need to have physical access to your computer to complete to activate the data eraser.
Terminator, the information removal system, is a powerful tool for deleting unwanted information. It has many advantages over its analogues:
Terminator delete file, unlike its competitors, doesn’t damage your hard drive. It often happens that drive with data brakes, when an emergency removal of a database or any other information from hard drive occurs. That brings not only unnecessary financial expenses, but also the risk of losing other equally important files that you haven’t planned to delete.
Terminator removes only those files that were specified by user when setting up. And it does no harm to the hard drive or laptop.
Terminator system is very easy to install. This simplicity is achieved by using PnP features of the usual USB interface. For complete and correct installation of Terminator you need neither to untwist the system unit, nor to purchase additional parts or cables and to stop the server. Everything is connected as easy as a usual mouse does.
Our data eraser operates in stealth mode and is easily disguised as a standard gadget such as a modem or router. Therefore, your information will be kept by watchful guard and won’t attract too much attention as well.
We always try to meet our customers’ demands, so the price of our product is almost 2-3 times lower than similar competitors’ devices. In addition, we have prepared the lineup of low-cost accessories, so our co-operation would be not only convenient, but also profitable for you.
Terminator data eraser works automatically. Even when you’re not around, you can be sure that your personal information is put under the careful protection of Terminator. We care about you every moment and everywhere.
Terminator really saves your money. The fact is that the system is installed only once and then is able to control all the computers and hard drives connected to the network. While working with analogues you need to buy a separate set for controlling and erasing hard drive. Now the complete erase data permanently is available at a favorable price!

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