Permanent delete files from computer
Nowadays, business people are very interested in saving confidential information. Everyone knows: if accounting, legal or business documents of the company would fall into unworthy hands, they can affect company’s welfare and its business image as well.
That’s why permanent delete files from computer is vital for the commercial world. Get acknowledged with our SSS theory that stands for Science, Software and Secrets.
Nine tenth of this information is now stored on computers and is actively used by employees on everyday basis. Keeping important information this way is unsafe, because violator only needs access to a computer and 2 minutes of time to copy any electronic document. That’s why today, along with the storage of information, the question about the safe and permanent delete files from computer arises.
Experts advise not to rely on standard means designed to permanent delete files. They put emphasis on the use of specialized systems that permanent delete files from computer quickly and safely. One of such systems is Terminator software.
Thanks to its extensive functionality, in case of force majeure, permanent delete files from your computer would become a matter of seconds, even if you don’t have physical access to your PC at the moment.
What does the system consist of?
This system consists of the reliable USB-controller and high-quality software for Windows environment that permanent delete files. You can connect several alarm buttons using special connectors on the rear panel of the controller. Such alarm buttons can be installed in any place that is convenient for the client, but most of them are usually mounted under the table. The controller itself is connected to PC or laptop via USB-cable.
How does the system work?
The owner of Terminator software once selects a list of files that are subject to immediate removal in case of an emergency situation. And as soon as something happens, he has only to press the panic button. After the button was pressed, permanent delete files from computer on the hard drive starts immediately. Importantly, this program can be set up personally and used by any office worker or manager of the company, because it’s very simple.
Who needs this system to permanent delete files?
Years of experience have shown that almost any organization has documents and other files to be protected and removed first and foremost. Today this data eraser system is actively used by large banks and other institutions, as well as individuals. The fact is that every business person utterly needs the reliable system, which is able to keep trade secrets and other critical information, as well as permanent delete files.

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