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infant arithmetic is an online platform that uses the latest research to provide parents with the tools they need to help their children develop a strong foundation in the six stages of arithmetic.

Introduce your little one to early math skills with our fun and interactive infant math program. Our program is designed to engage young minds and help children learn basic counting, shapes, and more. Get started today and give your child a head start in math

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Our platform provides parents with knowledge, exercises and activities to help their children understand and master the basic principles of arithmetic. With our help, your child can develop strong and lasting skills for success in math.

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infant arithmetic makes it easy for parents to learn about the six stages of arithmetic with our step-by-step guide, activities and exercises. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that you can learn quickly and easily without wasting time.

Get your infant started on the path to math success with infant math activities. Our fun, interactive lessons help babies and toddlers learn key early math concepts such as counting, shapes, sizes, sorting, and problem-solving. Start exploring the world of

Expert guidance from experts

We have partnered with leading educational experts who have years of experience teaching children the basics of math. Their knowledge will help you support your child in reaching their potential in the field of mathematics.

Stay ahead

Early intervention is key when it comes to learning math. With infant arithmetic, you can stay ahead of the curve by helping your child master these important concepts while they are still young.

infant math is the perfect way to introduce your little one to numbers and basic math concepts. Our interactive lessons are designed to engage your baby and help them build a strong foundation in the world of early math. Start your child’s learning journey with infant math

Infant arithmetic is an emerging field of study that looks at how infants develop their understanding of basic mathematics concepts. It examines how infants recognize, process, and represent number-related information. The main focus of this research is to understand the cognitive mechanisms that underlie these processes, as well as to identify the conditions that promote early learning in this domain. Recent studies have shown that already from a very young age, infants are capable of performing basic mathematical calculations such as addition and subtraction. This indicates an early-developing numerical intuition in human brains and suggests potential applications for early numeracy education.

Math mentals can be a great way to help children learn mathematical principles and hone their problem-solving skills. It can also help improve mental arithmetic, which is an important skill for all learners, regardless of age. With the help of math mentals, students can become more familiar with basic mathematical operations and develop a better understanding of numbers and patterns. Furthermore, math mentals can also provide children with effective strategies to solve any kind of problem they may encounter in the future.


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Links Between the Intuitive Sense of Number and Formal Mathematics Ability

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