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Infant Arithmetic is a comprehensive course designed to help children from the ages of three to five develop an understanding of basic math concepts. Through this program, your child can reach their full potential and gain the skills needed to excel in mathematics.

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Features section: Early learning support

Research has shown that early parental support with the first five stages improves the child’s grasp of the sixth stage, the cardinal principle. The theory is that, as the child grows in understanding, the parent is constantly tapping into the area just beyond the child’s grasp without some help.

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Fun and interactive

Infant Arithmetic goes beyond traditional methods by using fun and interactive activities designed to both engage and educate your child. We understand that learning should be fun and make sure that each activity is tailored to fit your child’s age level so they can continue to grow and develop their understanding of mathematics.

Step-by-step guidance

We provide step-by-step guidance for both parents and teachers so they know exactly what activities to do with their children. You can be confident that you are getting quality education for your little one through Infant Arithmetic!

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Infant arithmetic is an important skill that helps children develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. It is a fundamental building block for further math learning. Through infant arithmetic, infants learn to recognize numbers, understand simple operations such as addition and subtraction, and learn to use symbols to represent mathematical concepts.

By understanding basic number relationships and operations at an early age, infants are able to develop strong foundations for later math learning. This can have a positive impact on their overall academic development and performance in school. Infant arithmetic is an essential skill for developing the ability to think critically and solve problems effectively in everyday situations.

Math mentals is an important skill that teaches students how to quickly solve basic math problems. It helps them become more confident when tackling math problems, especially those that require quick computations. Through practice, students can learn strategies and techniques for solving complex equations with speed and accuracy. Math mentals also encourages students to think critically and develop problem-solving skills which will be beneficial in the future. With the help of experienced educators, students can hone their math mentals skills in order to become proficient in mathematics.


Developmental trajectory of number acuity reveals a severe impairment in developmental dyscalculia
Developmental trajectory of number acuity reveals a severe impairment in developmental dyscalculia
Is approximate number precision a stable predictor of math ability?

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