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GKC ElectroSoft Company offers you the unique assortment of the best software. Our products are able to increase an efficiency of conventional office computers and help to solve a broad range of application tasks.

We have being working on IT market for more than 25 years, creating software, PC solutions, etc. During that time, we have supplied more than 5,000 computer systems to customers around the world.

Giving us an assignment, you can be confident that high-class specialists will deal with it. Be certain that we will use all our tools and all our long-term experience to solve the problem in a best possible way!

GKC - best software for PC!

Your programs

Terminator program

Terminator - computer program for delete files permanently  
OS: Windows

By purchasing the Terminator software for PC, you can in any situation quickly and not coming to the computer to delete any data from the disks of your entire local network. Deletion can be started by a command from your mobile phone, over a local network, automatically, etc.

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Defender program

Defender white noise generator!  
OS: Windows

The Defender program is a simple generator of acoustic noises, dampening the work of eavesdropping devices in your home or office. Defender is one of the best software tools of its class! Once you buy a Defender, you get an inexpensive and effective protection of your premises from any kind of listening.

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WebElf program

WebElf - Home remote control  
OS: Windows

By purchasing the WebElf software for PC, you can easily implement flexible remote control of your computer. Restarting, shutting down, deleting unnecessary files, cleaning the system registry and other computer functions would always be available to you regardless of your location!

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VedMed program

VedMed Sleep Machine always cares about your dream!  
OS: Windows

The VedMed program is a simple and useful white noise generator for sleep, which has a special effect that easily calms down the human brain. By purchasing VedMed software for PC, you will be sure that yourself and your family will have a calm and replenishing sleep!

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FControl program

File control means reliability of your business!  
OS: Windows

The program FControl controls the size, changes and contents of any files, directories and applications. It alerts you about changes, preventing disruptions in work and other undesirable moments. To solve all these problems, buy FControl program. Choose the best software!

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MidNight program

MidNight - new haunted house attraction  
OS: Windows

After purchasing the MidNight software for PC, you will get a new home entertainment that creates the illusion of the real ghosts in the house. It is felt like like someone is making creepy sounds, invisibly running across the ceiling, clasping invisible doors, etc.

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Speaker program

Speaker will turn a regular computer into a modern advertising voice software system!  
OS: Windows

The program Speaker is created for advertising voice overs for rooms of any size and it can be used as an advertising agency voice over system, information system for educational or entertainment companies, or other object.

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Acoustic program

Buy audio security and your rooms will always be under reliable protection!  
OS: Windows

The Acoustic program is created as signalling noise system for any rooms. It can be used as audio security system, which call an appropriate macro in case of exceeding an acoustic signal set level at the controlled objects.

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InforMan program

Buy the InforMan program if you really need information or advertising displays!  
OS: Windows

The InforMan program is a modern information network originally created to advertise goods in the store, but it can be used for any objects where information boards or advertising displays are needed.                            

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BabyMath program

Jolly children math  
OS: Windows

BabyMath is computer program created for training children in math in the game form, it helps to develop mental arithmetic skill, it’s jolly children math.                                                                        

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GoldMan program

Treasure seeking in old houses  
OS: Windows

GoldMan is a computer program and a practical manual on treasure hunt in old houses, created on the basis of personal author's experience in treasure hunt with a metal detector.                  

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Clearner program

Clearing text from waste characters  
OS: Windows

Clearner is a program for clearing text from waste characters, html tags or other textual constructs. Clearner program is a set of completed functions for text clearing.

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Our programs are exclusive!

We create the best software! It has no analogues in Russia and no competitors in the world. That's a good reason to buy computer programs for us.


24/7 technical support!

All your questions are solved quickly and at any time of the day, this is also a great factor in choosing the place where to buy software for your computer.


Free updates!

Once you buy any software pc solution from us, you get an opportunity to download all the subsequent updates of this program for free!


Any improvements!

We meet customer wishes. You can count on modifications based on your requirements! This is how the best software is created.

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