The service center was found in 1988 to provide warranty service for customers.

Free warranty repair is carried out only if the product is found to be defective due to the manufacturing defect.

All warranty and post-warranty service of our controllers is done by special authorized service centers of our company, which have an appropriate authority to do that.

  1. Products which, in the opinion of the buyer, are due to the warranty service in the service center are delivered and picked up by the buyer at his own expense.
  2. In such a case the buyer is obliged to provide a complete product package. Products have to be delivered specifically to our office, otherwise they won't be received by us.

General conditions:

The warranty on the product sold implies a free repair or replacement with the similar product in the case beyond repair.

We have established a lifetime warranty on our devices.

Product Complaint is done in accordance with the consumer protection law.

  1. In the case of purchase of the product in the form of components Seller warrants the performance of each of the components separately, but is not responsible for the quality of their joint work.
  2. Seller doesn't warrant the compatibility of the purchased items with items available to the buyer, or items acquired by him from the third parties.

Providing access to service:

Items are accepted for warranty work in the same completeness, in which they were delivered, indicating their alleged failure.

The order of service:

Warranty service is performed by testing (checking) the alleged product failure, and, in case of the fault confirmation, by performing warranty repairs (maintenance).

Product, which was commissioned by the Buyer to the warranty department, is on free storage. Warranty repair is provided within a period not exceeding 45 days.

In case of detection of latent defects in the product, which occurrence is attributable to the Buyer, items would undergo the paid repair (by agreement with the Buyer), or would be returned without a warranty service.

Reasons for warranty refusal:

Warranty is not provided for:
  1. Items with damage caused by improper transportation and storage, improper installation, off-design operation or exploitation under conditions not covered by the manufacturer; items, which have damage due to outside circumstances (power surges, natural disasters, etc.), as well as having mechanical and thermal damage.
  2. Items with traces of exposure and (or) the ingestion of foreign objects, substances (including dust), liquids, insects, as well as having foreign inscriptions.
  3. Items with traces of tampering and (or) repair (traces of disclosure, artisanal soldering, traces of element substitution, etc.).