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Type A Supports 2 advertising displays 39 €
Type B Supports 8 advertising displays 54 €
Type C Supports 16 advertising displays 69 €

To begin working, please, choose any type of license!

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  3. Before paying for the software license, download the InforMan program from our site to your computer and make sure it is compatible with your Windows version and antivirus system. After sending you a software license, no claims for compatibility are accepted!

Please, copy InforMan software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. [Read more]. After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.

Advantages of InforMan


InforMan is simple!

The InforMan program has a standard Windows network interface. If you need an advertisement in the store and you are an ordinary computer user, then such a structure of advertising displays system will cause a minimum of difficulties for you.


InforMan is not expensive!

The InforMan program costs much less than industrial store advertising displays, at the same time, its capabilities are quite comparable with the capabilities of more expensive analogues.


InforMan is not whimsical!

The InforMan program can use the cheapest, time-worn computers that are already of little use for office work, this is important for diminution of the cost of goods advertising in the store.


InforMan is modern!

The InforMan program is constantly updated, new functions and types of advertising displays are added. Purchase the program once, get all future upgrades for free!

InforMan screenshots

advertising display
advertising display
advertising store

Download InforMan

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InforMan program v1.0 Download Download
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  1. The InforMan program and any computer allow you to get an excellent advertising displays system!
  2. Buy the InforMan program if you really need information or advertising displays!